Nigeria Cannot Change In Four Years, That’s Why I Need To Become President In 2023 —Samklef Claims

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Nigerian music producer, Samklef recently announced he was running for the post of Nigeria’s President in 2023, and a lot of his fans on social media felt he was joking. However, he has stated that he is not whining, and he is serious about it.

Samklef told Sunday Scoop that it is time for young Nigerians to take the mantle of leadership of the country and stop complaining about its unfortunate state.

Samklef, who spoke on his aspiration to become the President of Nigeria in 2023, said; “Leadership is a responsibility and not a right. I believe every responsible Nigerian should be able to run for any (elective) position as provided and supported by the constitution. We have done enough of complaining.”

“I declared to run in order to inspire other young able Nigerians that might be nursing political ambitions. I have helped with a seven-point agenda and I believe we would see many young people declaring (their intentions).”

The sound engineer also explained why he has a 25-year plan for Nigeria. He stated that Nigeria cannot change in four years, and that is why a young person like him who has a lot at stake should emerge the leader of the country.

“Nigeria cannot change in four years. That is why we need a young person that has a lot at stake and still has reasons to stay alive to run the country. Check my agenda; it has plans for 25 years.”

“It starts with the mind. If you believe it, you would achieve it,” Samklef noted while expressing his optimism that a young person can become the president in 2023.

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