N20m giveaway: See How Davido Dragged Online “Special Adviser”, Daniel Regha Through The Mud

"Establish A Reputable Company With Your New Land"– Twitter Influencer, Daniel Regha Advises Davido

Nigerian superstar, Davido has replied a Twitter user who took to his comment section to offer unsolicited advice.

Earlier today, Davido disclosed that he will be gifting N20 million to 20 Nigerians with business ideas or start-up ideas on Friday. March 18. He stressed that Nigeria is hard at the moment and that it will be nice to give out some money.

A Twitter user @DanielRegha saw his post and decided to advise him on how to spend his money.

‘Davido instead of gifting 20m to 20 people, visit hospitals, schools plus social media platforms (including ur comment sections) & use the money to foot the bills of those who urgently need financial assistance; Cos majority of people here will misuse the money if given to ’em.”he tweeted

Davido saw his comment and served him a response. He wrote

”Mr Daniel if you have ur own 20’million Naira use it how you want and pls change ur dp that shit mad annoying’

Social media influencer Daniel Regha also recently shared a piece of advice with Davido over the new land he got as a gift from his father.

Hours ago Davido took to his page to shower praises on his father, Adedeji Adeleke as he revealed that his father has gifted him a piece of land.

The Twitter influencer has advised the artist to establish a firm on the land and start-up from somewhere.

“David since you already own multiple houses, use the land to establish a reputable company no matter how small, then build up from there cos it’s about time you own a firm; this will grow you as a brand and also benefit society as it will help in reducing unemployment”. he wrote.

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