“My DMs are so full” – Kiekie lists requirements for anyone who wishes to marry her

  • Kiekie, a popular actress and skit creator, has revealed that she receives numerous messages from men in her direct message (DM).
  • The content producer, who is married, expressed her overwhelming number of direct messages on her Instagram page.
“My DMs are so full

She claimed that her phone has been constantly plugged in to a charger since Friday due to the overwhelming amount of texts.

The mother of one talked about how overwhelmed she felt, particularly in light of the daily bank warnings she was receiving and the chaos going on around her. She did, however, declare that she would not compromise her morals in order to appease others.

She continued by listing the requirements for anyone wishing to marry her.

“1) I don’t eat locally made meals and Nigerian meals

2) I don’t spend money that’s not brand new. I just unwrap the notes myself

3) If you want to marry me, you must be prepared to bathe me 6 times daily

4) You must be well connected

5) You just have a minimum of 5 citizenship/5 passports

6) You must be the only existing family member”.

“My! Goodness! My DMs are so full! Literally on fire!!!!!

“My phone has been permanently plugged into a charger since Friday! Goodness, I’m so overwhelmed! Men won’t let me rest! I can’t even breathe! Bank Alert every gaddem second! Goodness!!

“But of course, as you all this Hipsy girl has standards and these are my requirements! Let the beat man winnnn.”

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