Muda Yusuf Congratulates Yemi Cardoso as He Emerge New CBN Gov

Tinubu Appoints Cardoso As New CBN Gov

Muda Yusuf, CEO of the Center for the Promotion of Private Enterprises, congratulates Oluyemi Michael Cardoso on his recent appointment as Governor of the Central Bank and issues a warning against him managing the top bank in the same manner as his predecessor.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu had hinted at the changes in the apex bank in his inaugural speech on May 29, according to Yusuf, who spoke to our reporters.

Following accusations of corruption and funding for terrorism against the troubled former CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele, the Tinubu-led administration launched an investigation through a special investigator, which led to Cardoso’s appointment.

The president chose Folashodun Shonubi as acting chief executive of the bank.

Following the shuffle, Dr. Bala M. Bello, Mrs. Emem Usoro, Muhammad Dattijo, Philip Ikeazor, and Mrs. Emem Usoro have all been appointed as the CBN’s new deputy governors.

Cardoso is clearly qualified for the position, according to Yusuf, who also noted that he possesses the academic, intellectual, and professional credentials necessary to lead the top bank.

The new head of the top bank, however, must not go in the same direction as his predecessor, he insisted.

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