Motorist Saves Corp Member From Kidnappers

FG Officially Denies Plan To Pay NYSC Corp Members N48,900

A youth corper identified as Tamunobelema Dikibo was saved from one-chance kidnappers by an obversant motorist at the Ikoyi-Lekki Link Bridge in Lagos

According to the Corps member’s sister via her Facebook page, Her sister, Tamunobelema Dikibo entered a bus at the Ikoyi-Lekki Link Bridge in Lagos, unknowingly to her, it was occupied by one-chance operators.

The men seized her phone and asked her to stop praying. Fortunately, there was slight traffic and the men tried to reverse to get away from it, but a motorist who suspected foul play used his car to block the car driven by the criminals demanding that they come down after he saw the victim hitting the widow of the car.

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 “Join me in thanksgiving people. As Jehovahstandby singlehandedly delivered my kid sister, Tamunobelema from one chance at Ikoyi-Lekki link Bridge in Lagos. These guys literally locked the vehicle, windows and dragged her phone. They asked her to stop praying. Jesus Christ. They tried to reverse because of traffic holdup but a vehicle blocked the car and knocked on the driver’s window, she kept hitting her side window that how the man came by her window and knocked again, she knocked back. The man stood in front of the car and asked them to come down. That was how they opened the door oo


There shall be no loss in my family

None whatsoever

No kidnap

no missing person

Mingi-kiri toku fafake

Tamuno Toku faake

Jesus What would i give to you but my praise.”


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