Moment P-Square Revealed Man That Made Their Reunion Possible, At Livespot X Festival [VIDEO]


Psquare reunion: paul and peter okoye Sets To Perform For The First Time As Psquare After Settling Their Feud

Nigerian artistes, P Square have opened up on the behind the scene moves some influential people did to bring them together.

The much talked about P-Square concert took place at the renowned Eko Convention Centre, and fans had a great time.

Many of those who attended to watch the brothers live had not set eyes on the duo in a long time, and seeing them reunited through music resurrected deep feelings of nostalgia.

One of the historic night’s moments was when one of the brothers, seconded by the other, disclosed the man who facilitated their reunion.

Tony Elumelu was named as the man who made their reunion possible. The Nigerian business mogul worked relentlessly to bring the musicians back together during their four-and-a-half year separation.

On stage, the brothers thanked him and Paul offered an apology for frustrating Tony during their time apart.

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