Moment Korra Obidi’s daughter, June broke down in tears over parents’ divorce [Video]

Heart-Breaking Moment Korra Obidi Walked Into Daughter, June Crying to See Her Dad [VIDEO]

A viral clip capturing the sad moment Korra Obidi’s first daughter, June broke down in tears due to her parents split which seems to be taking a toll on her has been trnding online.

In the clip, Korra Obidi apparently took her three-year-old daughter to her father’s apartment, however, instead of going in with the kid she chose to stay outside and wait for her daughter to have a pleasant moment with her dad.

This act didn’t sit well with the kid who began agitating and putting up tantrums by crying in a bid to persuade her mom to join her into her father’s house.

Korra Obidi on her part maintained her stance by refusing to go in with her daughter despite agitations from the little girl.

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