“Korra’s sister, Nancy paid me” – Justin Dean’s Alleged Brazilian Mistress Makes a U-Turn, Drops More Bombshell [Video]

Justin Dean’s Alleged Brazilian Mistress Speaks On Her S3xual Affairs With Him [Video]

The alleged Brazilian mistress to Korra Obidi, the ex-husband of Nigerian dancer, Justin Dean has spoken on the allegation levelled against her.

Recal that Korra admitted to cheating on Dean while she was in Nigeria and her husband was outside the country.

She went on to accuse her ex-husband of having an affair with the 18-year-old Brazilian.

According to her, Justin had an affair despite swearing on his daughters’ lives that he has never cheated.

He added that Dean’s mistress had reached out to her and sent videos and pictures of their relationship.

Reacting to this in a video, the alleged Brazilian mistress noted that she and Justin Dean are just friends and never in a relationship at any time.

According to her, Korra’s sister, Nancy Umeh offered her money to talk about Justin. At first, she agreed but later quit.

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