Man Sends BEES to Recover His Stolen Motorbike, Attack Thief [Photos]



The man whose motorbike was stolen turned to magic to get it back at all cost, The Kenyan reportedly visited a witchdoctor and later sent bees to find his property, the bees located where the thief was and occupied the bike waiting for the owner of the motorbike to arrive


The bizarre incident allegedly happened in Mbooni, Makueni County,


The man, whose identity is not determined, was reportedly robbed of his vehicle and had nothing to do but to go consult a local witchdoctor on how to get it back, Soon afterwards the man somehow managed to summon a full swarm of bees and sent it searching for his property.


According to eyewitnesses, the bees invaded the market, a half of the group landed on the stolen motorbike while others were chasing a theif.


The locals claim the aggressive insects protected the bike from curious strangers until the owner arrived and took it home.

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