Man leaves cashier speechless as he pays with bundles of N10 note


A young Nigerian man made social media users burst into laughter after he was seen in a viral video where carried out a funny and unusual social experiment at a supermarket.

In a video posted online, he could be seen with a Louie Vuitton bag which was filled with 10 Naira.

He bought a range of items for himself and used bundles of N10 notes to pay the cashier at the counter.

After the items had been scanned and he was infored of the amount, the man opened his bag and started bringing out the stacks one by one.

He dropped them on the counter and the cashier started picking it up with a look of passive frustration on his face knowing he would have to count the entire bunch.

The racks kept increasing and this forced the cashier to exclaim in shock .

Watch the video below: