Woman Who Sponsors Her Son’s Education by Selling Her Wrappers Receives Her Son in NYSC Uniform on her Farm

  • Nigerian widow sold her wrappers and worked on her farm to pay for her son’s university education has gained attention
  • He surprised his mother by visiting her on her farm and showing her his NYSC certificate as they posed for a quick photo

People all over the world are sharing a touching story about an Igbo widow who sold her wrappers to pay for her son’s schooling.

A farmer’s daughter got a nice surprise when her son came home from NYSC as a youth corper and gave her his certificate.

A Facebook user named AJXpressBlog shared the story and said that the woman had to sell her wrappers, which are traditional clothes for Igbo women, to pay for her son’s college fees. To take care of her family, she also worked hard on her farm.

The son signed up for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program. All Nigerian graduates are required to do one year of service, which he did.

The proud son planned a surprise for his mom by going to her farm to show her his NYSC certificate.

When the mother saw her son in his NYSC uniform, she was so happy. She also posed for pictures with him and his certificate.

A lot of Nigerians were moved by the story and praised the woman for what she did and the son for what he did.

They also wished them more blessings and luck in everything they did from now on. The story also shows how important education is and how hard it can be for many parents to give their kids a good education.

It also shows how valuable the NYSC program is. The goal of the program is to bring Nigerian youths together and help the country grow.

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