“Let’s be honest, what I said was taken out of context”- Seyi spills two days after his apology video

BBNaija All Stars: Seyi bursts in tears as he apologises over sexist comment

Seyi Awolowo has gone out to clarify his sentiments, just days after apologizing for his rude and insulting remarks against women.

During a recent live video interview, he argued that his statements had been “taken out of context” and questioned people’s opinions on the subject.

Seyi Awolowo had previously been chastised for remarks deemed insulting and offensive to women. He apologized in reaction to the backlash.

During the live video interview, he did, however, express a wish to clarify on his motives behind such words.

While apologizing for any harmful impact his views may have had, Seyi Awolowo also noted that he believed the meaning of his words had been misconstrued.

He went on to say that he was passionate about tackling the behavior of what he referred to as “badly behaved women.”

In his own words, Seyi Awolowo stated, “I think I’m old school and I was raised a certain way. I don’t think I should compromise it for anything in the world, especially trying to make excuses for people.”

This implies that he still believes in his previous thoughts, yet he apologizes for whatever offense his comments may have caused.

Seyi Awolowo also spoke about his admiration for ladies, emphasizing his strong relationships with them.

He stated being raised by a woman, specifically his mother, and having numerous female pals among his closest associates.

These ties, he explained, were the reason he believed his remarks had been misinterpreted.

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