Strike: Public schools close down in Bayelsa


In accordance with the two-day nationwide warning strike announced by the national headquarters of the NLC, members of the Nigeria Labour Congress in Bayelsa State did not report to work on Tuesday.

Workers for the Trade Union Congress in the state did not observe the nationwide strike in the early morning hours since the TUC had withdrawn from the action, but they finally left their offices to go home.

Private schools were reportedly in session all around Yenagoa while public institutions were closed.

Partial compliance was also seen in the banking industry as certain firms welcomed clients.

In accordance with the national order of the congress, the state NLC leadership had published a statement stating that it would begin a two-day warning strike on Tuesday “to press home its demands to the Federal Government.”

The NLC chairman and secretary, Barnabas Simon and John Angese, issued a statement requesting that all employees abide by the request and spend Tuesday and Wednesday at home.

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