Leaked Tape: Why Tiwa’s Tape Without Condom Sends Wrong Message –Sonia Ogiri

Nollywood Actress Sonia Ogiri Exposes Female Celebrities Doing Butt Enlargement to Get More Men

Nigerian Actress Sonia Ogiri whose opinion on the Tiwa Savage’s sex tape was said to have been borne out of “jealousy or hatred” has maintained her stand on the controversial matter.

Speaking during a recent interview with reporters, Ogiri, said, “

Yes, I have been vocal about Tiwa’s sex tape, it’s so unfortunate. For me, the news did not sit well, and that was why I spoke out.

 I must not have millions of followers, and must not be the most popular person in Nigeria for me to make my point. It is my point, my observation, and my opinion.

 I am part of the public; to begin with, forget about the whole social media presence or celebrity world.

We’re all part of the general public. She brought it out, it came to my hearing, and I contributed my quota.

It’s my right, and no one can take it from me. I don’t care how other people see it, I don’t care how people want to garnish it, I don’t care about the people standing with or against her.

I am not for once standing against her, I just aired my opinion about the sex tape, and it should not even have happened.

She should be more aware of these things. People make mistakes and we learn from people’s mistakes, she has seen other celebrities’ sex tapes get leaked, so she should be smarter at this age.

 To me, age should come with some sense of belonging, responsibility, and wisdom. So, I expected her to be wiser than that sex tape.

She continued “Let’s analyse this, you’re having sex with someone and the person held his phone, that should tell you that something was going on, he should be holding onto something or holding onto you or touching something, but he held his phone and you were busy moaning and enjoying the moment.

 “I would never have a sex tape, except it was done without my knowledge, but I am very smart to check around.

I am not even in that situation because I date extremely responsible people. I don’t do ‘runs’, I do relationships.


  1. I can’t agree less with Sonia. Every adult action has responsibility tag. Every adult should be a good example. Maybe the moaning was to impress the guy who from onset has his plan on what he wanted. The most agonizing part of the whole video is the unprotected sex. This lady is some fans’ role model I think. So what is she teaching his fans mainly the younger ones?

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