A Snake Will Always Be a Snake – Sonia Ogiri Rekindle Her Beef with Mercy Johnson Amid School Saga


Nigerian Actress Sonia Ogiri has rekindled her beef with Mercy Johnson saying a snake will always be a snake after she was called out for lying about a teacher bullying her daughter Purity.

Sonia Ogiri had issues with Mercy Johnson back in 2019 where she claimed the latter hate her for no reason and did mean things to her and now has revisited that issue saying judgment day is coming on all of us one by one when Mercy Johnson said the teacher of her daughter hates her for no reason.

According to Sonia Ogiri, when she used the word ‘she didn’t like me for no reason she was misjudged and called jealously but today the narrative has changed and Mercy Johnson is the one using that same words after claiming she went home to her husband and complained that this person doesn’t like her.

Sonia Ogiri, she pinpointed that her colleague now knows how it feels to be hated and to display hatred for someone after Mercy Johnson had declared that the bully boldly showed the hatred she had for her a week before the incident.

In a shared post, she said Mercy had hated her for no reason and even shoved the fact that she hated her to her face as she revisited her post about Mercy Johnson on the 2nd of September, 2019.

Sonia said people had misjudged and called her a jealous person despite how it almost destroyed her life after calling Mercy out, stating that a snake will always be a snake.

She wrote:

How the Narrative has changed. I went home and told my husband, this person doesn’t like me 🤣🤣. May GOD open our eyes to see the truth.

 Judgment day coming on all of us one by one. GOD will always be GOD. Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you. Peace ✌️ out