If It Makes You Happy, Keep It Private – BBN Tochi Advises


Reality show star turned relationship advisor Tochi has advised all those in relationships and everyone to keep whatever makes them happy private and not tell the world like some people are doing.

Tochi who seemed to have turned into a good relationship advisor took to his Twitter handle to advise us all to make sure to keep things that makes us happy in private and not bring it on social media as some people are doing today.

Tochi never said you should keep it a secret that means whatever makes you happy can be known by others but you have to keep it private by not letting other parties in and not broadcasting it on social media as some people do now.

Every relationship that was in private and later brought on social media ends up destroyed others have issues that could have be prevented if the relationships were kept private from the public.

“If it keeps you happy! Keep it private💯

— ChiefTOCHI👑 (@Tochi_Oke) November 30, 2021”

Meanwhile Nigerian singer, Solid Star has been captured on tape being confronted by some young men at a night club.

He was alleged to have collected money for a show but he failed to perform.

In a video circulating on social media, the singer could be seen angrily moving away from some men who were challenging him over his failure to show up and perform as agreed.

He went to sit down and some of his crew members tried calming the situation and even pleaded for people to stop recording them.

All the while this was happening, Solid Star never uttered a word, to either confirm or deny the allegation.

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