“I will never take your love for granted”- Frederick Leonard vows as wife, Peggy Ovire as she does the unexpected for him [Video]


Following his birthday party, Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard wrote a gratitude post to his wife, Peggy Ovire.

Recall that the fair-skinned movie star entered a new age last week, and his wife surprised him with a surprise birthday party?

Frederick expressed his gratitude, recalling how he was taken aback by her kind act.

He claims he has been gone from home for months working and was unable to travel to Lagos for his birthday.

Nonetheless, his wife found a way to brighten his day by flying to his filming site with some of their colleagues

The proud husband added that his wife flew for 48 hours solely to make him happy, and he recognizes and values her sacrifice and effort.

He promised her he would never take her for granted and reaffirmed his love for her.

“I left home months ago for work. Thought I could make it back home in good time for my birthday. But as months became weeks and weeks into days leading up to my Birthday, it became clear that my work schedule would not allow for the flight back to Lagos. Wifey said…

I gat you… The Lord is blessing you, focus on work.

Long story short,

Peggy flew all the way, 48hra to my birthday and pulled off a beautiful surprise birthday dinner in a town where she knows almost no one.

Such surprise. Such sacrifice.

Babe, I want you to know that I see you, I see the sacrifice. I see the effort.

Your love, I will never take it for granted.

Thank you for making my birthday a beautiful experience, even away from home.

I love you my forever”.

Actress, Peggy Ovire stirs controversy over post on ‘cheating and marriage’

Congratulations pour in for Frederick Leonard’s fiancée, Peggy Ovire as she shows off baby bump

Peggy Ovire, a Nigerian film actress who recently wed screen legend Freddie Leonard, stirred up debate online with a post about cheating and marriage.

Peggy Ovire polled her followers on Instagram about whether a man should propose marriage to his woman after she had cheated on him twice.

The actress accompanied her query with a video of herself and her coworker Mofe Duncan playing lovers.

Many people commented on Peggy’s remark, with some saying that the man should go ahead if she promises not to make the same error again.

Others, however, cautioned a man against entering such a marriage.

Peggy Ovire asked:

“Can a man still propose marriage after his woman cheats twice?.”

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