‘I Want To Own a Private Jet‘ – Mr. P Makes A Wish


‘I Want To Own a Private Jet‘ – Mr. P Makes A Wish.

The Nigerian musician, Peter of the defunct Psquare took to social media to show his fans the private jet he dreams of owning.

The musician took to Facebook to make this known.

He wrote:

Be inspired!!!

To be honest I really want to own one of this personally before my 50th…..Still got it on my dairy  so just say “CONGRATULATIONS IN ADVANCE”

Only music alone in Africa can never never and can not buy it for me! it’s not a competition! It is just me chasing my own bigger dreams.

Because of my successful businesses some are saying I should quite music!

Sorry o! As long as I am still selling out concert it’s never gonna happen!

So even if i decides to quit Music! Which I am not quitting! My name and legacy will continue to live on! But you way dey beef! how many pple know u for ur street

Wahala everywhere! Catching cruise! Go and hustle o!

I have stopped existing now I want to start living.This life Success and Progress is what we need! Oya continue Talking

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