I Saw Late TB Joshua In Hellfire— Little Girl Reveals

10 Things You Need To Know About Popular Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua

Popular Nigerian social media evangelist, Victor Edet has taken to Facebook to make some startling revelations about a little girl who saw the late Prophet TB Joshua after she died and resurrected.

Victor Edet revealed that the little girl claimed that when she died, Jesus took her to Hellfire where she saw the Late Prophet TB Joshua crying and begging God to give him a second chance to come back to earth but his request and plea was rejected.

According to Victor Edet, the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations is rotting in hell because he lived a fake life when he was alive.


THIS Little Girl was terribly sick, her Parents tried to make her whole again but she lost the battle and gave up the Ghost, She’s around 5yrs old. But God sent her back to Life after Intensive Prayers were Made by her Parents and Pastor.

According to the Little Girl, She Testified and Said in her little Voice, When I died my Spirit came out from my Body, I saw a Man putting on White, his name is Jesus. He took me to Hell Fire, I saw Prophet T.B Joshua in Hell Fire, he was crying and begging God for a Second Chance but Jesus said, No.

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  1. The entire story is falsehood, who is that girl and if God sent her to tell us this why hide her identity . Falsehood.
    Who are her parents and the pastor who prayed for her? Why hide their identity. Falsehood
    If a man who denied himself every earthly pleasure is in hell fire, then majority of us who follow him will like to be in hell fire too because we cherish his lifestyle and wish to be like him and go to where he is now

  2. Let us not fabricate stories against the Man of God, IAM not happy with the habit of accusing the Man of God falsely, please here it from me, TB JOSHUA is in HEAVEN and ignore those lies from the little girl’s fake story. The Man of God was well prepared for his death, he even knew that he was going home after service, so stop touching God’s anointed and do His Prophets no harm. Run to God and repent from all your wicked lies!

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