“I only worked 3 hours” – Lady laments as she gets fired on her first day of work at airport [Video]


Stevanna Elexus, a woman, has complained online about being sacked on her first day of work at an airport.

She was seen in the video removing her work vest while driving while explaining the events leading up to her ordeal.

“This was a crazy first day for work y’all,” she said.

According to Stevanna, she said that her bosses had made a single request at their first meeting, that employees should not bring firearms to work.

“We ain’t having this no more, no guns on the premises,” her employer said.

However, it seems as though her employers were suddenly tired of workers bringing guns to work, so they threatened to press felony charges against anyone who brings a gun.

“I’m like well, how you gonna start this off on the first day, shouldn’t it be an orientation?” Stevanna said.

The lady added that shortly after the meeting, all of the employees were sent home by her employer.

“What the, I only worked three hours,” she exclaimed.

In reaction many has asked her to clarify why they sent everyone home and she said:

“Because someone the day before had a gun in their car and told someone, and they told a supervisor.”

Harper reacted: “That paycheck is about to be a whole $30,”

Wrapmeindarkness said: “3 hrs? you weren’t even there for 2”.

Shondia commented: “Giiiiiiiiiiiiirl not first day .. ur first hour.”

@Coop reacted: “Use that as volunteering on your resume.”

Iaintshxt reacted: “I wouldn’t even tell anybody I had that job.”


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