“I can’t live fake life”– Lady proudly shows off her roadside noodles cooking business


A Lady simply identified as Queen has been lauded on social media for being proud of what she does for a living.

She took to Twitter to reveal that she is a small business owner who makes noodles and egg for public consumption.

The pretty young woman proudly showcased herself at work with photos which showed her dressed in apron.

Queen simply captioned; ”My job my pride”

Her post went viral and had people congratulating her while others were asking for her location so that they could patronise her business.

A Twitter user @McJohnwick encouraged her, saying; Ooin you’re doing well .. You’d be an inspiration for those that are afraid to show off their hustle and a lesson to those who’s living fake life.

@Queen13380279 replied; Thanks, I can’t live a fake life , because there’s nothing in it , am proud of been an indomie saler.

@MemeCryptoBoy; E no easy.. But just know your one in a million. Almighty bless you

@thepoetpreneur; I want donate a carton of noodles to your biz. Send dm.

@quitporndoctor; I support hardworking women , posted on all my social handles . Keep it up nne just that am not ready to marry yet.

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