“Why I k!lled my ex-lover, removed her intestines” – Football coach confesses


A 45-year-old man named Bankole Oginni who was detained by the Nigerian Police, Ondo command for murdering and dissecting his ex-lover has given his justifications.

The football coach is alleged to have lured the victim to his house via a phone call invitation before committing the heinous act there at his home in Oke-Aro, Akure, the state capital.

After the dead couldn’t be found at her house on Saturday, the suspect was apprehended after she was tracked down to his house.

Speaking about the passing of his ex-lover, Bankole revealed that the victim had asked for financial assistance from him and that he had instructed her to go to his home to collect the funds.

He claims that after offering her cocaine when she turned around, she slumped and, out of concern, he poured her hot water in an effort to bring her back to life.

He said that when all attempts to revive her failed, he hacked out her intestines in a fit of fright in order to conceal the dead body.

Bankole acknowledged that he tied the body’s hands in order to conceal it.

When asked what he wanted to do with the intestines, he said, “I wanted to put it in a bag.”

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