Davido has always been a terror – Bobo Ajudua speaks on friendship with singer

  • Bobo Ajudua revealed that Davido was and still is a musical prodigy and that he was a terror in school, but he wished for him to put his studies before music or any other pursuits.
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Lawyer, Bobo Nkeolisakwu Fred Obi-Ajudua called Bobo has opened up on his friendship with popular Nigerian singer, Davido and how the latter has always been a terror, as well as a genius.

Recounting how they met in school and their happy times together, Bobo Ajudua claimed that although Davido was two grades below him at the British International School where they both went, his music regularly disturbed him.

The Entertainment Lawyer revealed that Davido was and still is a musical prodigy and that he was a terror in school, but he wished for him to put his studies before music or any other pursuits.

The attorney, who disclosed this in an interview with The Punch, also recalled how Davido approached him several years after graduation when he had already achieved fame, requesting that he serve as his business manager and attorney. In Bobo Ajudua’s words:

“David and I go back many years. We attended BIS together. He was one of my school sons back in the day. He was a terror then, and he is a terror now. There was a two or three year gap between us. At that time, most seniors did not relate with their juniors, but I had my favourites. Though we did not have much in common, we bonded in a weird way. Whenever school was on break, we used to keep in touch through MSN messenger.
Once in a while, I would login to the messenger service and receive messages from one annoying junior student (David Adeleke ) saying, “Hey big bro, I have started singing, and there is this cool song I want you to listen to.” As cool as I was back then, I did not need to be speaking to any junior, but something in me was just never rude to him. I was always warm and receptive; and I would tell him to send the song.
I recall that some of the melodies back then were not bad. As far as I’m concerned, David has always been a genius; but, I thought he was better off facing his books. Another time, he sent me a message, saying he had started taking vocal lessons. Till date, I have a lot of old and unreleased songs from him from back in the day when we were teenagers. When I left BIS and moved to Cambridge, we kept in touch and have been good friends. He always respected me as a senior that he could trust, and I always had a fondness for him.
Some years down the line, he had started doing music and was making waves. On my part, I went to the university to study. After I graduated and moved back to Nigeria, he popped out again from the woodwork, and said he wanted me to be his lawyer.
At that time, nobody was trying to be an entertainment lawyer. Lawyers were trying to go to court, get the big briefs, work for big companies, and defend successful people. When I moved back to Nigeria, we met and continued our relationship. The next thing I knew was that I became his personal lawyer and that of his family. After a while, he got me to come onboard fully as part of his management team. A lot of people do not know that Davido is co-managed by me and Asa Asika. This is, in fact, the first time I will be saying this publicly. The structure is a seamless one. Asa is his entertainment manager, while I am his legal and business manager. We spread the work between ourselves.
To sum up our relationship, I am David’s friend, brother, lawyer and manager. Our lives are intertwined in many ways. Inasmuch as I am older than him, sometimes, he gives some quality advice that I obviously won’t be sharing with you. I can assure you that my relationship with him is one I will not trade for anything. He has actually turned out to be one of my best friends ever.”

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