Hello 50: “You Don’t Look Anything Like They Say”– Chidi Mokeme Excited As He Joins Those At The 50th Floor [VIDEO]


Veteran Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme excited as he joins folks on the 50th floor today saying 50 looks nothing like they say since he still looks like a 30yrs old guy.

Chidi Mokeme is one of the fine Nollywood actors that ladies have been drooling over in movies and today being his 50th birthday, he has welcomed it with excitement as he still looks young and handsome like a 30yrs old guy.

He posted a video of how he ushered himself into his 50th birthday saying he has waited a long time for this day and it’s finally here and he’s excited to witness the day in good health and looking strong as she has always been.

He wrote: “You don’t look anything like they say though.
You look like 30, the one I met 20years ago.
Or is 50 the new 30?
Of course, that’s the GRACE factor.
Anyways let’s pop some bubbly, fill up our flutes and make a toas

We have some catching up to do, then I can share my dreams with you.
I’m glad you could make it, so let’s start with

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