“He died in active service” – Man allegedly passes on while cheating on wife

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A man has reportedly passed on while in the act of cheating on his wife with his side chick.

The tale was shared on the micro-blogging platform by a Twitter user @Bolanlecole.

According to him, the cheating husband left his wife in bed at 5:30 am to head out to his side chic’s place who’s a Youth Corper.

The tweep reported that the man died while in the act and his wife, who had thought it possible, didn’t believe until she saw his body.

@Bolanlecole wrote:

“A man left his wife on their matrimony bed around 5:30am in the morning to a youth Corper’s house he was having affairs with only to die in active service while performing an extra marital’s duty💔 It was a family friend that called the wife and pass the information to her💔 the wife didn’t believe until he saw the lifeless body💔What a sad day.”

Divorced women association welcomes new member with party

The introduction of a new member by a group of divorced ladies celebrating under the banner the ‘End of an Error’ sparks a reactions.

The organization is claimed to be based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and their slogan is ‘I do, I did, and I’m done.’

The widely circulated video depicts the women welcoming the arrival of a new member by throwing a lavish feast complete with music and cake.

The initiation has elicited conflicting emotions on social media, with many applauding the desire to end the alleged toxic marriage.

See some reactions below …

@Dami4Change wrote: “Happiness is free But if the divorce was attributed to infidelity not domestic violence, no be mostly married men go still knack them?”

@AdebowaleShogb3 penned: “Since it’s in Portharcourt bro forget it. those you’re seeing now are just few .many of them are still inside their husbands house ,but not married.”

@smileyoder noted: “After all is said and done. Coping with midlife crisis after the hectic divorce proceedings I’m guessing is no easy task.”

@YomiOtebolaku stated: “Beautiful…there is life without marriage!”

@Lekzy_vendor: “Them dey happy for camera.. them dey sad inside room”

@Siadeyemi wrote: “They are only an advertisement for young jigolos. The pain they are hiding is obvious.”

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