Man asks for forgiveness as he’s caught having an affair with friend’s 2nd wife after doing same with 1st wife

Man asks for forgiveness as he's caught having an affair with friend's 2nd wife after doing same with 1st wife

A Zimbabwean man living in South Africa begs forgiveness after being found attempting to have an affair with his friends second wife’s, after having affair with the first.

According to reports, when the middle-aged the occupant was spotted attempting to have intimate relations with the man’s second wife, police were called to take him into custody.

In a widely shared video, he is seen kneeling down in front of a crowd, pleading for the opportunity to repent. Additionally, the South African police force was seen waiting.

According to mutterings in the video, the man’s friends and relatives were disappointed in the Zimbabwean man for his behavior. They questioned how he dared to attempt an affair with his friend’s second wife after having  an affair with her first.

The obviously angered group requested that the guilty man pay a fine and be punished for his serious transgressions.

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Reacting to the post…

@_peaceful_baddie commented: “Why do I think that the first wife told the second wife that he have a nice crayon and she wanted to try”

@empressinteriors1 penned: “This one pass my comprehension. Did they say he was trying to sleep with the 2nd wife too? This one can pooison the friend cos wtf???”

@darlex.1 commented: “Blame the women too are they children or adults Every time society blame men ….”

@monal_ia wrote: “And you have your own wife o, but instead of being contented you went ahead to covet your neighbor’s property”

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