Have Money Before Marriage – R/ship Expert, Joro Olumofin

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Have Money Before Marriage – R/ship Expert, Joro Olumofin.

A popular Nigerian relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has advised women to have at least N1 Million in their account before getting married so they won’t deal with certain things in their marriage.

He reiterated “broke wives who accommodate side-chic in their marriage” but said that women who are independent are hardly cheated on.

He revealed that such husbands are “hesitant to cheat” if their wives have their own money. He also said being dependent as a woman leads to disrespect and domestic abuse in marriages.

In his words:

Dear Ladies, if you don’t have upto N1,000,000 or $2000 in assets or in your bank account you shouldn’t be thinking of marriage. This is for your own good. A lot of ladies are attenuated focusing on finding a Husband instead of having financial security which leads to atrophy & low self-esteem. Lugubriously, most ladies today see having a husband as financial security, this leads to domstic abuse and disrespect when most of the burden is left on the shoulders of the man. Some wives don’t have VEX money or START UP money to start afresh in case of divorce. Having N1,000,000 in assets is having a skill than can bring you 1m in a year. Love is not enough in this generation. Money. Your own personal money matters. Ladies, Having financial independence will bring a certain level of catharsis. Because only broke wives accommodate Sidechicks in their marriage. Husbands are hesitant to cheat if their wife has money to move on easily. Husbands show their true colors when their wife depends on them 100 Percent. #FACT!

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