Facebook Reveals Plan To ‘vet’ Teens Activities


Widely used social media platform  Facebook, has revealed its plan to begin to vet teens activities on Instagram with its new feature.

The new feature will ban teenagers from having access to some sensitive content on the social media platform.

An executive with the widely patronized platform, Nick Clegg in a statement on Sunday, said Facebook is working on introducing something which will make a considerable difference, which is where its systems see that the “teenager is looking at the same content over and over again and it’s content which may not be conducive to their well-being, we will nudge them to look at other content.”

Clegg while speaking with reporters from CNN explained further that the new feature called ‘take a break,’ will be prompting teens to just simply just take a break from using Instagram.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee’s antitrust subcommittee, has argued for more regulation against technology companies like Facebook.

She said the United States needs a new privacy policy so that people can “opt in” if they favour allowing their online data to be shared. The United States also should update children’s privacy laws and its competition policy, and require tech companies to make their algorithms more transparent, Klobuchar said.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs has expressed openness to the idea of letting regulators have access to Facebook algorithms that are used to amplify content.

Clegg’s revelation about the new feature is observed to have come days after former Facebook employee and whistleblower, Frances Haugen, testified on Capitol Hill about how the company entices users to keep scrolling, harming teens’ well-being.

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