Mark Zuckerberg Set To Curb Misinformation On COVID-19

Mark Zuckerberg set to curb misinformation on covid-19

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in a post on the company’s newsroom blog that the tools will be released on Facebook-owned applications; WhatsApp messenger and Instagram. These tools will help users get information on COVID-19 vaccination, how and when to schedule appointments in their various locations to get vaccinated.

Facebook confirms that they are working to stop COVID-19 misinformation by magnifying credible health information from international health organizations, world health organizations and many more credible sources of authentic health information.

Facebook will announce a new tool this week that aids its social media users find authentic information about the new COVID-19 vaccine.

In December, 2020 Facebook banned false information on COVID-19 and in February, 2021, the company pulled down misleading COVID-19 adverts.

The new development came about after the multimillion dollar tech firm was criticized for their slow response to curtail misleading information concerning COVID-19 by helping their users spread false information across the globe through their platforms.

In an interview with CBS News, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox confirmed disinformation has always been their major challenge for the social network, but assured the new tools will help reduce the spread of harmful content.

Facebook will launch this new free tool in over 71 languages and provide vaccine deployment information in over 200 countries and territories.

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