“Every Mom’s Dream” – Mercy Johnson Gushes as Her 9-Year-Old, Daughter, Purity Backs 4th Child, Takes Care of Her Siblings


Popular actress, Mercy Johnson is proud of how well she’s raising her four children, especially her first daughter, Purity.

The actress has taken to social media to gush over how responsible Purity is despite the fact that she’s just nine.

Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, is very protective of her four children and it looks like her first child and daughter, Purity is also growing up to be just that.

The mother of four recently shared a post on her Instagram page where she gushed proudly over 9-year-old Purity and her sense of responsibility.

In another clip, the 9-year-old carried her baby sister on her chest as she patted her down to sleep on the bed while her brother enjoyed his.

While her two younger siblings, Henry and Angel enjoyed their swimming time at the pool, Purity had to hold Divine to swim.

The little toddler held on tightly to her big sister who made sure that they also had fun away from the other two.

“Always so proud of her❤️ @theokojiekids ….Purity❤️ She unconsciously takes care of them and stands up for them at all times.I am so emotional about this.”

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