End SARS: Buhari Urges Cabinet Members to Relocate To Their Home States

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President Muhammadu Buhari has dispatched his ministers to relocate to their home states for the purpose of easing the tension created by the END SARS protests and the lawlessness that has accompanied it.

The ministers scheduled to meet with stakeholders to simply relate federal government’s efforts to meet the demands of the youths.

Water Resources Minister Sulaiman Adamu, who confirmed the development during a courtesy call to Governor Muhammadu Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa State in Dutse, said the cabinet members were directed to “go to our states to solicit the support of political, traditional, religious and community leaders against the violence that emanated from # EndSARS protests.”

Adamu said he was therefore in the state to meet with leaders on “promoting tolerance, peace and stability in this critical moment and hear from them and report back to him (Buhari) immediately.”.

He acknowledged that the #ENDSARS protests started well and was in line with the Nigerian constitution only to be hijacked along the line by those who infringed on the rights of other citizens, killed innocent persons, looted and engaged in other criminal acts.

He said: “President Muhammad Buhari is soliciting the support of all other political leaders in the state to properly address the people of the state on the need to dispel any rumor that is tantamount to creating disunity among Nigerians and also throw the nation into crisis.”

Niger Delta Affairs Minister Godswill Akpabio who is on a similar mission to Akwa Ibom landed in Uyo on Saturday accompanied by other federal appointees from the state, including Senior Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Ita Enang.

He urged youths of the state to embrace peace as President Buhari is committed to meeting their demands with regard to police reforms.

Akpabio said government was doing a lot in terms of job creation and development of key economic infrastructure in the state and the Niger Delta region.

He asked youths of the state to take advantage of social and economic job intervention programs of the FG, adding that the Buhari administration is desirous of combating poverty and unemployment in the country.

Akpabio said the EndSARS protest was capable of scaring away existing and expected investors with the negative economic effects on the state and the region.

He praised Governor Udom Emmanuel and other governors for setting up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to address the needs of victims of SARS brutality, adding that the Federal Government was ready to work with governors to achieve justice for victims.

The minister charged all those who had lost their properties in the Thursday carnage to relate their petitions to the judicial commission of inquiry.


  1. Personally i hve just realized alot about our Nigeria leaders. I dont hve any problem wit my president (muhamadu buhari) but d problems we hve is our representative up there. Lets look at it from dis point forget d reactions of our youths, how can food palliative donnated and given by well meaning nigerians and d federal government of nigeria to aid out to d poor masses, d less privilege, d offans, d widows , d unemployed youth, d jobless illeterat to mention but a few rooming d street wit no means of survival n our gorvernors, ministers, senators n other arms of government can not at least hve a little Sense of human about d poor. Our representative re heartless. I could still remember in d month of March when d whole senario about covid-19 all started in nigeria even i and other nigerians complained bitterly when d first face of lockdown was enforced shortly after d two weeks another two weeks was enforced, but little did i know dat d federal government has some plans in heart to assist d poor in d period of lockdown bcos its wasn’t easy for d poor to survive, image under normasy d less privilege hardly feed three square meel a day wit little or no income n now in dis period of total lockdown how will it be possible for dem. About a total donation from well meaning nigerians even some international community, organisations even some of our musical stars dat re not politicians donated to aid d poor nigerians, n our representative hide all d foods stuff given by d federal government n other well meaning bodies. How can d gorvernors of does states explain dat to the poor nigerians n d angry jobless youths who voted dem under d heat of d sun n rain into their respective positions today. Imagine d quantity of food palliatives stored in those warehouses n even some re beginning to spoil n still dis gready representative of ours still refuse to give it out. What will d tell us again dat will make us believe them because to me d don’t hve any single interest of the poor because if d do they shouldn’t have hide those palliatives to themselves, come to think of it in another way i think they re keeping to themselves to make use of it as campaign foods for 2023 election. Their is a saying dat a hungry man is an angry man, so i dont blem d youths in any way becos if d den take d bold step d took how would we hve known dat food palliative given by d federal government was not sheard to d poor, imagin d high cost of food and other commodities in d market how do i expect d poor to survive in her own country, our representative re just treating us as refuges in our own mother land what a pity on us d less privilage onnces.

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