Don’t marry a woman who can’t give you monthly allowance – Daddy Freeze school men

Nigerian pastors masterminded my cancelation for speaking against tithe-giving – Daddy Freeze shares

Daddy Freeze, a well-known media personality, has released a new update in which he advises men to marry women who earn more than them.

Daddy Freeze updated men on reasons why they should marry wealthier women in a social media video.

He advised men to be bold and ask ladies what they can offer them, as well as how much they can get for monthly allowance.

A woman who cannot pay you a monthly allowance, in his opinion, is not worth your time.

Daddy Freeze mentioned sons of influential men who married daughters of other wealthy men.

He noted that it is high time men begin to rate women the same way they are rated.

See netizens reactions below:

mizkimorahprecious wrote: “Na respect and submission una talk ohh. Men love respect and submissi0n. Which one come be monthly allowance again now. Una don start.”

iameniolamyde penned: “Daddy freeze , I rej£ct this for myself , I’m a giv£r and a giv£r I’ll forever be , My eg0 no go even let me ask woman for money. Where I come from nah we Dey take absolute care of wom£n.”

desmony1 said: “Words like this only groom weak men, we are not wired to be weak we are kings. I’m a king 👑”


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