Deep Down in Your Heart, You Know You Are a Devil, Bobrisky Shades Tonto Dikeh


Controversial cross dresser Bobrisky, has stated and attributed his former best friend and actress Tonto Dikeh as a devil who treats others like nothing.

It has earlier reported that Bobrisky slammed Tonto Dikeh for continuously dishing out motivational quotes on her social media page, stating that people are no longer interested in her advice.

This earned Bobrisky many criticisms on social media as netizens described him as a ‘Frenemy’ who people should not associate with or befriend.

In a new post on Instagram, Bobrisky said Tonto Dikeh could only pretend to be who she’s, not to her followers, but deep in her heart, she is a devil who treats others like nothing.

According to Bobrisky, he wouldn’t be sad about people’s comments that Tonto Dikeh is a bad friend, adding that her fans will follow and castigate her if they get to know her true personality.

In a post he made on his social media handle: he said;

You can only pretend to your followers who you are not.. But deep down inside your heart, you are a devil who treats people like they are nothing… I won’t be sad about people comments saying you are a bad friend naaa.

I’m sure if they know your real self yeah! They will all unfollow your ass. Keep pretending to be good, keep deceiving people I know na your followers go still castigate you when they finally know who you are.

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