British Authorities Openly Denies Nnamdi Kanu

BREAKING: Ipob Messiah, Nnamdi Kanu Arrested, Extradited To Nigeria

The British authorities have disappointed Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) about the intention that Britain can fight for his release in Nigeria.

According to the laws of Britain, it cannot step in and grant him freedom simply because of his nationality as a British.

From a manual titled ‘Support for British nationals abroad: A guide’ sighted on the website of the UK government, it states the circumstances under which the country can step in and save a citizen is when the citizen is not being treated fairly.

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19th page of the document read;

“We can offer you information about the local prison or remand system, including visiting arrangements, mail and censorship, privileges, work possibilities, and social and welfare services. We can also explain where there are different regulations for remand prisoners and sentenced prisoners. For example, in some countries, prisoners are allowed to send more mail when they are on remand.

“We cannot get you out of prison or detention, nor can we get special treatment for you because you are British. If however you are not treated in line with internationally accepted standards we will consider approaching local authorities. This may include if your trial does not follow internationally recognized standards for a fair trial or is unreasonably delayed compared to local cases.

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“With your permission, we can consider taking up a complaint about ill-treatment, personal safety, or discrimination with the police or prison authorities.

“Consular staff will keep in regular contact with you, either by visiting personally or by telephone/ letter. The frequency of visits will depend on local prison conditions and your personal circumstances.

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“If you are a dual British national in the country of your other nationality, we would not normally offer you support or get involved in dealings between you and the authorities of that state. We may make an exception to this rule if, having looked at the circumstances of the case, we consider that you are vulnerable and we have humanitarian concerns.”

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