#BBNaija: As Expected, Cee-C Reveals Why Bam Bam Is in Love with Teddy A


#BBNaija: As Expected, Cee-C Reveals Why Bam Bam Is in Love with Teddy A#BBNaija: As Expected, Cee-C Reveals Why Bam Bam Is in Love with Teddy A

Big Brother Naija housemates Khloe and Cee-C were captured having a discussion today on the show. The two housemates were engaged in a chat about the ex-housemates who were evicted over the weekend.

Cee-C tried to explain to her Khloe why Bambam is crazily in love with her fellow evicted partner, Teddy A.

According to Cee-C, Bambam is totally engrossed with her partner because of his physical appearance. She also went further to explain that their love was real and this was affirmed by other housemates on the Big Brother Naija show.

Talking about the pair, Khloe said their relationship will continue outside the show for the fact that:

“If God be for them, let’s respect it that way.” But Cee-c, cutting in, asked, “You mean it will work?

Khloe explained, “The reason I said it would work is that Bambam can tolerate a lot. She can tolerate a lot.”

Cee-C however insisted that the so many things Bambam tolerated was “because they were in the house, if not, ‘she for don change am for am.”

Khloe then replied saying, “It would work.”

Cee-C further revealed that Bambam was “madly in love with Teddy A’s body, ” insisting she had told her about it before.

Watch the Video of the conversation:

Bambam and Teddy A were lovers while they were on the Big Brother Naija show and they have been captured on numerous occasions confessing their love for each other.

Bambam once told a fellow housemate that she would love to continue her relationship with Teddy A even after the show. And there was a time Teddy A was having a conversation with Cee-C and he mentioned to her that he didn’t think he would be going back to his baby mama.

When he was then asked whom he would love to tour with, he didn’t hesitate to mention Bambam.

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