BBN Lucy Roasts Lady Who Called Her Runs Girl, Warns Friends Not To Give Her Number Out


Reality TV star Lucy Edet blasts a lady who called her a runs girl after warning her friends not to give out her number to anyone without her permission.

Lucy Edet joining the #NobodyLikeWoman challenged shared how a man her number was given to took her as a runs girl asking her if she would be free for the night so she can hang out or service him since he has no one in Nigeria.

This lady reacting to the screenshot Lucy Edet shared claimed that she’s indeed a runs girl if not someone wouldn’t have recommended her or given her number to anyone who was interested in having a runs girl for the night.

With anger, Lucy Edet replied to the lady cursing her and her entire generation saying it’s her, her mother, her sister, her future kids, and her grandkids are those doing runs and will do runs and not her since she’s innocent.

Lucy Edet then warned her friends telling them to let this be the last time any of them give out her number to anyone without her permission as she’s not interested in whatever they have to offer her since she’s okay the way her life is.

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