BAKARE DROPS BOMBSHELL!!!Nigeria in Hands of Unprepared Leader and Recession is Self Inflicted



The senior pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, last weekend said that the country’s period of boom coincided with the reign of “unprepared leadership”, says the current recession in the country is self inflicted.

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Bakare was speaking in Abuja on Saturday at the 14th anniversary celebration of Foursquare Gospel Church, themed ‘The Church and Economic Recession’.


He said the current economic recession had provided an opportunity for the Church to bail out the country through God-inspired economic principles.

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“The nation’s economic recession is largely self-inflicted; it could have been avoided,” he said. “Unfortunately for Nigeria, our biggest boom experience fell into the hands of an unprepared leadership.”

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He urged the church to influence public policy through God-inspired economic principles, and strategically position human resources to implement its principles. “I am convinced that the recession currently being experienced in Nigeria is an opportunity for the Church,” he said.


“Therefore, I declare to you that the Scripture is about to be fulfilled in your hearing, as God is stirring up the church to take responsibility for the destiny of Nigeria.


“That is why we are gathered here today to talk about the church and economic recession. If the church is also reeling from the impact of the recession, we must admit to ourselves that this is against the Scriptural pattern. It is the best of times to take the tenets of the faith beyond the four walls of the church building to the marketplace and the policy roundtable.

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