“Any Man Who Cheats On His Wife Is A Candidate For Stroke “– Charlotte Oduro to Promiscious Men


Dr.Mrs. Charlotte Oduro says men who cheat on their wives mostly get struck by stroke.

She was speaking on Accra-based OKAY FM when she made this known.

To her, such men when they are affected by the disease should be left by their wives who should rather focus on making life better.

“There are men who do not take care of their wives but use the resources to take care of side chicks. These men are candidates for stroke. When they get a stroke, they will be sent to their hometown. Their wives by then will be working on making themselves better people.”

She said men are mostly affected by stroke because they spend their energies on pounding women.

Counsellor Charllote Oduro advised men to stay faithful to their wives and build their families.

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