Anita Joseph ‘Respectfully’ Deletes Bedroom Video with Husband, MC Fish

Anita Joseph And Husband, MC Fish Shares A Sneak Peek Of What Happens In 'Da Oza Room'

Controversial actress, Anita Joseph, has finally bowed to pressure from Nigerians following the backlash she got after sharing an intimate video of her and her husband.

In the video Anita Joseph was seen in bed showing off her b00bs with her husband fondling them. She then asked a question: “Who needs breast, hubby or baby”?

In the caption of the video, she warned fans to enter the pit if they are angry with the post.

“Incase you’re angry about this post  enter pit na oburo so’yi na apu Ala. Abeg na baby need breast just saying respectfully”. she wrote;

This sparked an uproar on social media as Nigerians bashed them for not having morals.

Controversial actor, Uche Maduagwu also called them out.

Maduagwu wrote: ”Please what MORAL lesson is this unnecessary display of affection in public teaching our kids? Jesus wept Na understatement, this is alien to our culture in Nigeria, is this also for clout? Marriage is honorable in Gods sight, squeezing the sleeping Olympus as if you no pay bride price on it is shameful and repulsively preposterous, how do you want your father in law to feel after seeing this video on social media, even if you paid 30 billion for her bride price, this is just so unacceptable, a man is the head of the home, Oga where is that in this”.

Following the heat coming from peeved Nigerians, Anita Jospeh has been forced to delete it from her social media pages (Instagram and Tiktok).

After deleting it, she has now posted a new video encouraging her fans to work hard not to fail.

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