Anita Joseph Knocks ‘Special Adviser’ Who Advised Her after Sandra Iheuwa’s Marital Woe


Actress Anita Joseph has knocked a troll who advised her against social media after commenting on the marital woes of Sandra Iheuwa saying she hates what happened.

According to Steve Thompson, his marriage with Sandra Iheuwa cannot work because she doesn’t care about their home but rather social media always bragging

Anita Joseph disclosed she’s sad with the way things turned out and a troll gave her harmless advice that Sandra Iheuwa’s issue is a warning to her too since she’s also a social media housewife

Anita Joseph angrily replied to the troll asking him/her to warn his/her mother and sister and not her and the troll replied to her telling her the mother and sisters are not on social media like her and they live a happy life in Canada.

It’s about time these female celebrities know that there’s a limit to everything they share on social media especially when it has to do with their marriage and Anita Joseph is as guilty as Sandra Iheuwa.

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