Anita Joseph And Husband, MC Fish Shares A Sneak Peek Of What Happens In ‘Da Oza Room’


Nigerian Actress, Anita Joseph and her husband engaged in a heated public display of affection on Instagram.

In a video shared online, the couple is seen debating who should get a woman’s breasts first between the baby and the woman’s husband.

As they debate, Michael,  aka Mc Fish, lowers his head to Anita’s breast and kisses it, then grabs her breast with his hand, before burying his face in her cleavage.

As Anita argues that the baby should come first, Michael argues that it is the husband who should be given priority.

In the caption, Anita warned that anyone who has a problem with her and her husband’s display should “enter pit”.

Meanwhile Actress Anita Joseph has knocked a troll who advised her against social media after commenting on the marital woes of Sandra Iheuwa saying she hates what happened.

Anita Joseph disclosed she’s sad with the way things turned out and a troll gave her harmless advice that Sandra Iheuwa’s issue is a warning to her too since she’s also a social media housewife.

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