Aisha Yesufu Extols Son, As He Graduates Despite Having Medical Challenges

Aisha Yesufu Condemns Nnamdi Kanu’s ESN

Nigerian political Activist Aisha Yesufu extols son who was degraded to nothing but today has become a graduate from a British university putting smiles on their faces.

The proud mom shared a video dancing with her children as she explains how she was told that her son will not be able to go to the university and she also prepared her mind to him not going to the university as she was told by others.

But God proved them all wrong and today the son who was supposed not to go to the university has become a graduate of a British university as she’s so happy and proud that she took to her instagram page to share her joy on social media.

According to her, at the age of 14, they took him to school in England and today at 22, he’s a graduate that no one thought he would become hence her joy is justifiable because her son was actually degraded to nothing but today he’s a graduate.

The video Aisha Yesufu shared shows the joy and excitement she has to know that the son that she had no hope for and thought would never go to the university has become a graduate and God has used him to prove them all wrong, when all hope was lost, a miracle was worked

Shee captioned the video:

“When you were told your son will not be able to go to university. When you had prepared your mind to him not being a graduate and God proves you wrong!

At 14 we took him to a school in England, today at 22 he is a graduate”.

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