Aisha Yesufu Exposes Source Of Obi Cubana’s Wealth

Obi Cubana Addresses Questions Over His Wealth

Popular activist, Aisha Yesufu has weighed in on the controversy about the source of wealth of Igbo businessman, Obi Cubana.

According to her, Obi Cubana’s source of wealth is legitimate and he made it through hard work, smart work, networking, constant learning, and being prudent

Taking to her Twitter page, she shared a video where she made it known that people should not cast suspicious look at Obi Cubana because he acquired his wealth through genuine means.

She said

“I want to talk about what happened in Nigeria recently that set everyone’s tongue wagging and that is the burial of someone known as Obi Cubana at Oba, Anambra State,”

“A lot of people were like ‘oh no! How can this happen? It’s not their money. There was such a temptatious display of money.

“I’ve listened to different comments and watched many videos and there was a money fight just like you have food fight right? And the musicians were throwing bundles of money at each other.

“And somehow, some people were outraged, some people liked it, some did not bother about it but I think many people do not understand that the money is in business.

“Most times when you see people who have money it’s either the person has done money ritual. I saw a brief of one of the videos Obi Cubana did and he was like, the native doctor that wants to do ritual for you, his child is fetching water from the stream. He has no money.

“The pastor or Imam telling you they would help you get money, how much do they have? All these things come from hard works, smart works, networking, constantly learning and being prudent, delayed gratification.”

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