“A lot of ladies won’t get married in 2022 because they don’t smile” – Joro Olumofin Claims [VIDEO]

'A Lot of Ladies Didn’t Get Married in 2021 Because They Didn’t Propose to Their Boyfriends'- Joro Olumofin

Social media influencer cum relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has stated that a lot of ladies won’t be getting married this year because they don’t smile.

According to the relationship coach, the reason why a lot of women didn’t get proposed to the year before is that they hardly smile.

He stated that a woman could be pretty, have a nice job, be an excellent chef but won’t get approached by men because they always frown.

Guys, according to Joro, would be scared of sliding into the DM of a lady whose countenance is always that of anger.

Meanwhile Nigerian Lady left heartbroken after finding out that her mother lied to her all her life on why her father abandoned them.

The young lady had believed all her life that her father was a terrible man according to tales fed into her mind by her mother.

After losing her fiance over refusal to meet her dad, the lady put up the courage to meet with her father to confront him for abandoning herself and her mother.

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