“You’re Amazing And I’m Wishing You Everything Good” – BBNaija’s Queen Apologizes To Maria Over Their F!ght In The BBNaija House


BBNaija Star, Queen Mercy Atang has apologized to Maria Chike for her outburst that led to their quarrel in the house.

Recall that Maria and Queen had a heated argument twice on the show, where Queen was seen shouting at the top of her voice.

While sharing her experience on her Day 2 in the house, Queen Atang apologized to Maria for the hurting things she said to her during their fight.

According to her, she is very protective of herself, hence the outburst.

The reality star also said that she didn’t have the opportunity to apologize during the reunion show which is why she is apologizing online.


“So nice of her 😍 .Let love lead 💕.

Still enjoying my day 2 in biggies beautiful space.. I recall me chilling on my bed. Then boma came around. We gisted for few minutes before some housemates came around.

The likes of @liquorose @crossda_boss and few others came around and started shouting in amazement. I was like going on. And Liquore goes. This is the first time this guy is lying on a girl’s bed. I was surprised and the rest of the housemates concurred.

Immediately I felt special😄, I mean coming from Liquore, I totally believed them.

They all left the room. Leaving Just I n bomzy, I started questioning him. Why haven’t you been on other girls bed? why me? Our convo was a lot. And we concluded on chilling and vibing with each other in biggie’s house.

Few minutes later, the housemates gathered for our usual games. During the games a question game up and I noticed the housemates tried to shush @singhniniofficial she was trying to counter the housemates, saying that wasn’t the first time bomzy had been on a girls bed. Finally she understood what was going on and kept quite😀 I knew something was off. And it gave me a mood swing immediately.

Another question game up and I quickly and hurriedly said true true true. Immediately @mariachikebenjamin said to me you’ve only been here for two days. This didn’t sit well with me. So I tried having a conversation with her. Maybe it was my tone or manner of approach I can’t really tell but she said she wasn’t having the convo with me. This got me pissed because I felt she was in away trying to intimidate me. Maybe because I got into the house late.

I can be very protective of myself, hence my outburst that faithful night.. and other nights

I was able to speak with other housemates, some how I got to understand @mariachikebenjamin a little. Though we didn’t have the time to settle. I’m openly apologizing for my outburst that night. I’m really sorry babe. I can be very protective of myself..I wanted doing this during the reunion show. Unfortunately I couldn’t.

You’re amazing and I am wishing you everything good❤️

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