Your President is a Kidnapper – Video Of Man In Austria Attacking Nigerian Olympic Team

Team Nigeria Heads To Tokyo Olympics

There is a viral video on youtube of a man who introduced himself as a Nigerian man living in Austria, bashing Nigerian Olympic team face-to-face on a bus.

The unidentified man felt repulsed by the Nigerian Olympic team which he claimed where not representing the beauty of his country Nigeria rather, representing President Buhari who he tagged as a terrorist and a kidnaper , he went further to state that the Nigerians in Austria are suffering and can not return home because the conditions of living at home in Nigeria are much worse

In the video the man was heard speaking harshly to the team saying:

You all should be ashamed of yourselves, every one of you for representing a terrorist organization, Government that is killing your people. You are living in a country where the president is a kidnapper, kidnapping and Killing citizens ….

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