‘Your Lies and Evil Plot Against Me will Consume You’ – Iyabo Ojo Prays For Frenemies


Popular actress Iyabo Ojo has dished out swearwords for her haters through her Instagram social media platform.

The amazing role interpreter, on Thursday evening, October 4, 2021, curses those seeking her downfall and destruction. She said their evil ploys against her will consume them because there is no peace for the wicked.

Iyabo Ojo added that her frenemies will continue to fall and fail while she continues to win. She also prays that her success will be their headache. According to the 43-year-old;

“To those who seek my downfall and destruction, you are only digging your own pit. All your lies and evil plot against me will definitely consume you because there is no peace for the wicked.”

 “You will continue to fall and fail and I Iyabo Ojo omo Olubunmi Fetuga, Ologunfunfun1, Akanda Omoladukeade, Afunimaeobe will continue to rise and win. Oya continues, let my success constantly be your headache, it gives me joy.”

“This is to all my frenemies make una collect. If you’re not my frenemies oya say amen.”

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