Your Friends Should Be Weary Of You, Man with Fake Bum Pad – Daffy Blanco Roasts Bobrisky


Daffy Blanco a London-based singer, has dragged, exposed and washed Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky’s dirty linen in public for denying ever meeting or knowing her.

A few days ago, when Bobrisky’s former PA Oye alleged that Mompha once dated the crossdresser, Daffy had gone on Instagram to claim she and Bobrisky used to be friends.

She then disclosed unverified secrets about Bobrisky and Mompha, alleging that everything his PA said was true, but Bobrisky slammed her in return and denied knowing her.

In a new post on her Instagram page, Daffy Blanco said she is never a fan of Bobrisky but only admired his confidence in coming out as gay in a country where it is not legalized.

Daffy Blanco dragged Bobrisky for living a fake life and consistently unable to keep up with his friends because he fights and exposes secrets.

The singer recalled how Bobrisky came to visit her in the hotel, ordered food, and requested a takeaway, adding she had been warned to stay away from him.

She added that any female close to Bobrisky should be careful of his jealousy and slammed him for always using a fake bum pad and lied about his Brazillian Butt surgery.

She wrote: I will address your real gender!!! Guy listen Bobrsky or whatever you call yourself… Don’t ever dare act like I was ur fan I just like you and how you handled haters coming out as a gay in a country where it’s illegal is no joke. Guess toy still alive in the name of Amnesty International and pity.

So funny you saying you don’t know me but you were begging me to buy your cream, same person that came to my hotel and even cream same person that came to my hotel and even ordered take away. Do you remember my billionaire? He never owns a bank he warned me about you then and I never listen cause I thought you were sweet.

Your life is so fake even then you came with uber and you said you have driver. You posted girls coming for your birthday saying they your best friend why you never post them again? Cause you fight everyone and expose secrets, you call me Instagram prostitutes me that posts once a year, God punish you.

I don’t make money of Instagram, I never even shaked my ass here, I have euros not Naira!! Sell your leaking ass in peace bro. Do you remember how you embarrassed me outside Eko Hotel when the media house approached us?? You always been hungry for fame but you doing it in the wrong way. If not for Tonto, you would till be nobody.

All you know is shout and scream and insult which one agin? Shamless fool. You have followers cause people are curious what kind of animal you will revolve into.

Any female you make friends with should be careful of you jealous bastard!!! Las Las you will always be a man with fake bum pad with smell of shit how far with that your surgery you did in Dominican republic of Yaba so be careful who fight with one day nah one day. Done!!

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