Young Nigerian Homosexuals Living With HIV Share Their Shocking Confessions [Must Read]

Young Nigerian Homosexuals Living With HIV Share Their Shocking Confessions [Must Read] Young Nigerian Homosexuals Living With HIV Share Their Shocking Confessions [Must Read]

In a report by The Nation Nigeria the young Nigerians make shocking revelations about their sexual orientation.

See report below;

TWENTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD Mike wears an innocent look. He is highly trusted by his parents who believe that he would never keep them in the dark about anything concerning his life. But contrary to the parents’ conviction, he is a homosexual; a practice he adopted from a tender age but has kept away from them.

Besides being a homosexual, the young man is also living with the HIV virus; another matter he has kept away from his parents’ knowledge. Even on occasions when the parents voice out their concern for people living with HIV, Mike joins them to do so without them knowing that their son is also a victim.

“I knew about my status in 2013 and started treatment the same year,” he said.

“I was 21 years old when I discovered that I am HIV-positive. I was a little bit sober when I learnt about it, but at the same time, I was well informed about HIV before I did the test. Before then, I was a member of dedication peers educating and sensitising people about HIV. So, when I learnt about mine, it wasn’t much of a problem because I had good information about it. I just felt that life must go on.”

Asked how his parents reacted to his HIV status, Mike responded:

“My parents are not in any way aware of it. I haven’t told them because I feel they do not have good information about HIV. They still feel that the virus is a death sentence because it is incurable.”

Telling our correspondent how he contracted the virus, Mike said;

“I am convinced that I got the virus through sex and no other means. I am gay, but I do show feelings for females too. I grew up being a homosexual. When I was about 12 years old, I started admiring boys like me as if they were females. I started practising homosexuality while I was still in primary school.

“In those days, we would only admire and touch each other. If there was no one at home, we would engage in some plays, saying your thing is bigger than mine. Gradually, it developed into full blown homosexuality.

“We do go to hotels or friends’ houses to have fun. We prefer going to a friend’s house because privacy is more guaranteed there than in a hotel. When I am in need, I approach my sex partners and they assist with whatever they have.”

Asked how he woos his same sex partners into a relationship, Mike said;

“It is not about approaching the other person. It is by contact. When we see each other, the body chemistry tells us we are one.”

Completely ruling out the thought of getting married, he said:

“I don’t want to marry. I want to enjoy my life to the fullest.”

While Mike is unruffled about his status, he is greatly disturbed by reports of foreign donors withdrawing their support for HIV treatment.

He said:

“People will go mad and mentally upset if donors withdraw. Do you know how much the drug costs? Apart from people dying, if foreign donors withdraw, many victims will start doing what they are not supposed to do just to survive.

“Death is secondary in this matter, because I believe that if you are going to die, it will take a long while. Imagine somebody earning N15,000 a month and has to pay N10,000 a month for the drug. How would he cope? It will cause many more to sleep around, and it is not everybody who wants to sleep with you wants protected sex. Some people are ready to pay N100,000 to make love without any protection.

Like Mike, like others Mike is not alone in the business of keeping his parents in the dark about his status. Another victim, Onoja, does.

Onoja said:

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