Yhemolee denies rumors of impregnating girlfriend, Thayour


Yhemo Lee, a Nigerian celebrity, has rejected allegations that he and his fiancée, Thayour, are expecting a kid and want to marry next month.

The rumors began after a story said the pair was expecting their first child together and had scheduled a wedding ceremony for the coming month.

Yhemo Lee promptly responded to the article, simply writing “False” to dismiss the allegations and put the rumors to rest.

In other news, Pere Egbi, a BBNaija star, weighs in on the bitter custody dispute between music singer Davido and his first baby mum, Sophia Momodu.

It’s worth mentioning that since Davido moved on from Sophia to his current wife, Chioma, the two have been at odds, with Sophia accusing him of financial abuse and calling him a deadbeat dad.

Pere took to the micro-blogging platform X to emphasized the necessity of a father’s presence in his child’s life, while slamming mums who use their children as weapons against their father.

He emphasized that any conflicts between the parents are not the child’s fault and should not interfere with their access to their father.

“No child should be denied knowing and spending time with and being a part of their father’s life. You ain’t cool with the dad; that’s not the child’s fault. Some women are just unbelievable,” he wrote.


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